Come and Join Us …

Jubilo welcomes new members. Anyone interested in joining the choir would normally attend a rehearsal to meet us and sing with us without commitment and should contact us to make arrangements. There are open rehearsals from time to time.

Please be aware that normal rehearsals have been suspended until further notice due to the Coronavirus situation.


Singers wanting to join the choir are given a short and straightforward audition by the Musical Director who asks them to sing a piece of their own choice, takes them through a few exercises, and gives them a simple sight-reading test.

Singers are expected to have voices which will blend, but need not necessarily be trained. They should have a modest ability to sight-read or at least have a degree of musical literacy.

The Musical Director will decide in which part the new member should sing.


The Annual Subscription for a full member for 2019/20 was £50. The Student Member subscription was £15. A reduced rate of £85 was available for two family members living at the same address.

In addition, each member is normally expected to purchase 5 tickets for each of the 2 main concerts, Christmas and Spring, which they can then sell on. The full ticket price is currently £12 with £10 concession. Members are not required to pay for any music although there is occasionally the opportunity to purchase a personal copy of a piece or a volume of pieces.

While we remain under Covid restrictions, different arrangements are in place.

Choir Dress

There is a choir dress code for concerts to which members are expected to conform. Certain items of uniform clothing – ladies’ blouses, gentlemen’s bow ties – are available for purchase through the choir.